We all are aware about climate change, global warming, increasing amount of plastic waste which ends up aimlessly in the nature.
Everyone wants this picture to change. Many of us even want to change our lifestyle for a better tomorrow but have no clue where to begin with.
Here are few easy swaps for a sustainable lifestyle, healthy for mother earth. With these swaps you can begin your journey towards a sustainable lifestyle without a drastic change.

1. Dishwashing Sponge/ Scrubs

While many of the companies offer a complementary scrubber with dish bar/liquid, we tend to forget how badly it costs for the environment! The regular scrubber is made up of artificial materials which take years to decompose. This makes it harsh on the environment. Alternatively, Metal based scrubbers or plant based scrubbers like coconut fibers or _ are a great as well as inexpensive choice! It gets your job done just like that.

2. Body scrubber

We all know these kind of cheap body scrubbers Also these kind of fancy body scrubbers. Well, both made up of plastic. Just like the scrubber for utensils, plant based scrubber___ is a great replacement of these conventional scrubbers. In addition to this pumice stone also gets the job done when used in a right way.


3. Pantry Containers

Agreed that the urge to buy cute and colorful plastic containers which don’t really cost a lot is unstoppable. But the fact that these cute and colourful plastic containers are slowly diffusing chemical into the food items stored is enough to avoid them. The safe alternatives are containers made up of glass, ceramic and metal. Look at those! Don’t they look classy and minimalists?

4. Mosquito repellents

The amount of harmful chemicals hazardous to health present in these are not hidden from us anymore. The plastic body in addition to this adds up to the plastic waste. This one seems difficult right? Well, it’s not. Just take 70-80 parts Neem oil along with a oil of your choice and store this in a container.
Light one or more lamps with this oil and you’ll be surprised to see the results.

5. Facial Cleanser

Makeup industry has boomed in present times. Even school girls are well aware of the makeup products, steps and styles. It is slowly becoming a lifestyle for sure. And so is “removing makeup” becoming a __ for many. What if I tell you that this ingredient in your pantry is more than enough to cleanse you face thoroughly and get rid of every bit of dirt and makeup? The ingredient is Gram Flour aka Besan. This flour is known for its oil absorption properties. Just make a paste with water or milk, apply and massage gently for a minute or two. Wash it off with water and you are good to go! There you have it a 100% natural sustainable cleaner which your skin loves!


6. Dish washing soap

Let me introduce you to yet another 100% natural ingredient- Reetha.
Don’t be surprised if I tell you that this is the base of almost every soap, shampoo or detergent. Simply because this contains saponins, essential in making soaps. With cleansing and frothing ability, this is enough in itself to clean out utensils. Now say goodbye to the fear of ingesting traces of chemical laden soap left on your dishes.

How to make 100% natural dish washing soap at home?

a. The simplest way is soaking reetha powder in water and using this mixture to wash the utensils just the way we do.